Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Editing Access

Sparkmail or email me your email address (must be a google account; see below) along with your sp username.

Gmail or googlemail is automatically a Google Account.

If you have hotmail, yahoo, etc...
Get a Google Account so you can use your hotmail, yahoo, etc... email address as the login for any google service (does not give you a new mail account or affect other email accounts).

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What if I don't want editing access?

That's fine. Just post your results in the challenge thread and someone will post it for you. The public versions are all in straight HTML (see links to the right) so you should be able to see the challenge spreadsheets to see how you and your team is doing.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ideas for Be Nice Points

gratitude log * bathe in candle light, your favorite scents and a luxurious bath * watch a motivating movie (like 300) * vision board * self-manicure * upgrade exercise equipment * do an activity you loved as a kid * comment on a teammate's blog (friendship building, increases sense of belonging) * read * go to a movie you've wanted to see * explore an art gallery * visit a public garden or zoo * laugh out loud * money rewards (ex. a dollar for every mile) * you time * write yourself a love letter * make a new memory album page * indulge in time with friends * dance to your favorite tunes in your living room * explore somewhere new * write a poem * develop a talent or hobby * try a new activity (like kayaking, camping) * complete your to-do list * window shop * eliminate or minimize your current biggest stress * diary entry (food/exercise log) * take time to fantasize * ladies night * massage * play a game * spend quality time with a pet * buy shoes that actually fit * try substituting junk food in recipes to create new healthy faves * random act of kindness